Multiple Measures Assessment Project


An effort of the CCC – Common Assessment Initiative (CCC-CAI) designed to develop, pilot, and assess implementation of a statewide placement tool using multiple measures; includes collaborations with the Educational Results Partnership and California community colleges. 

The Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) is a collaborative effort led by the RP Group and Educational Results Partnerships’ Cal-PASS Plus system, with support from the CCCCO. It has three primary objectives:

  1. Development of a data warehouse: includes creation of a secure, large, and robust data warehouse to collect, store, and analyze multiple measures which will include high school transcript and test data, as well as MIS and placement test data for each community college.
  2. Creation of a comprehensive analytical model: includes identification, analysis, and validation of known multiple measures data points, drawing directly from research obtained through the STEPS pilot, and leveraging of predictive analytic software to identify new data points that can serve as effective multiple measures.
  3. Development of user tools for assessment and placement using multiple measures: includes the engagement of pilot colleges throughout the process to assist in development of the analytic tools and user interface, and to test the tools and models using local college data supplied through the data warehouse.

MMAP is engaged with 28 (and counting) pilot colleges from across the state that are providing feedback on the predictive models and user tools to help inform the process.

Visit the pages listed below to find numerous practical tools for implementing multiple measures as well as publications, presentations, webinars, etc. produced by the project.

Common Assessment Initiative (CAI):

MMAP is a component of the CCC – Common Assessment Initiative. In December 2013, the CCCCO awarded the CAI grant to the Butte-Glenn Community College District, which is collaborating with Educational Results Partnership (Cal-PASS Plus), Saddleback College, and the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges to develop and implement a common assessment system (CAS) for the state. The planned CAS will provide college campuses with effective and valid English, English as a Second Language, and mathematics assessment instruments; a reliable testing platform; student test preparation resources; college research guidance; and professional development. The CCC-CAI will leverage the work of MMAP to provide institutions access to K-12 data and other multiple measures that can be linked with college data to effectively place students into college curricula.

Twelve CAI pilot colleges will also be engaged throughout the initiative to gain local user input and direction. The CAI pilot colleges (which include several MMAP pilot colleges) will experiment with multiple measures as alternative forms of assessment, perhaps being used for some students in lieu of or in combination with an assessment test of content knowledge. The CAI created a Multiple Measures Work Group with the purpose of advising the committee on multiple measures assessment; the MMAP research team also engages with this subcommittee for feedback and recommendations on the multiple measures research being conducted.

Learn more about the CCC-CAI at

For more information…

Contact Ken Sorey, CalPASS-Plus, or Mallory Newell, RP Group, for information on the MMAP.

Contact Jennifer Coleman, Butte College, for information on the CCC-CAI.

MMAP Research Team:

  • Peter Bahr, PhD, Associate Professor of Education, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, University of Michigan
  • Loris Fagioli, PhD, Research and Planning Analyst, Irvine Valley College
  • Craig Hayward, PhD, Director of Research, Planning and Accreditation, Irvine Valley College
  • John Hetts, PhD, Senior Director of Data Science, Educational Results Partnership
  • Daniel Lamoree, Senior Research and Systems Analyst, Educational Results Partnership
  • Mallory Newell, EdD, Director, Institutional Research and Planning, De Anza College
  • Ken Sorey, Executive Vice President, Educational Results Partnership
  • Terrence Willett, MS, Dean of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness, Cabrillo College