POWER Awards

Sponsored by the RP Group & the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, these awards recognize and honor exemplary work in outcomes assessment.

As a way to showcase effective practices in learning assessment, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and the RP Group present the annual Promising Outcomes Work and Exemplary Research (POWER) Awards. Winners are featured on the RP Group website, have their work documented on RP’s national assessment listserv and the ASCCC website, and receive an award at the Strengthening Student Success Conference.

Outcomes assessment directs our instructional, student service, and administrative unit work by clearly describing and documenting the student knowledge, skills, abilities, and beliefs as a result of student learning activities and service interactions. It is also an important means of improving student success and guiding practice and driving institutional change. Well-designed outcomes assessment goes beyond compliance and can address multiple goals—sustainable and learner-centered implementation methods, demonstration of student progress in classes and programs and the generation of reliable and trustworthy data that document success and help guide interventions and improvement.