Statewide Issues

Evaluation of initiatives designed to advance the effectiveness of the entire California Community College system including the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Common Assessment, Education Planning​, Online Education, and Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiatives. 


Evaluation of three comprehensive statewide efforts to leverage practices and technologies that support student success across California community colleges.

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Learn more about the Education Planning Initiative Evaluation

Learn more about the Online Education Initiative Evaluation


Evaluation of the IEPI, an initiative focused on advancing colleges’ institutional effectiveness and reducing accreditation sanctions and audit issues among California community colleges. 


Investigation of methods for improving weekly student contact hours forecasts for the CCCCO.


Examination of community college accreditation policies and practices across the United States and implications for accreditation practices in California.


Overview documents that outline internal and external trends shaping the system’s future as part of the statewide strategic planning process for California community colleges.  


Study to develop a set of performance frameworks, performance indicators, and recommended approach to performance evaluation.


Analysis of student success by demography and by levels below transfer English and math.