Research on ways to strengthen the success of all students including the EOPS Impact Study and Serving Foster Youth in California Community Colleges Project.


Development of an online toolkit—in partnership with the Career Ladders Project and input and support from the CCCCO—designed to support secondary-postsecondary partnerships focused on providing dual enrollment opportunities to historically underserved high school students.  


Evaluation of an HSI-STEM grant that seeks to increase the number of Hispanic and low-income students who complete STEM degrees and/or transfer programs. 


Guidebook with institutional self-assessment to help postsecondary institutions increase financial stability for low-income students, developed on behalf of the Lumina Foundation in partnership with the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement.


Practitioner convening focused on the results of Student Support (Re)defined and focus groups with targeted student groups designed to support Cabrillo’s equity planning.


Study designed to understand how, in an environment of extreme scarcity, community colleges can deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students. 


Evaluation of the effect of the EOPS program that compared EOPS participants to non-participants on key student outcomes. 


Qualitative research study designed to provide an overview of how California community colleges meet the needs of current and former foster youth.