California State University (CSU) Compass Evaluation


Partnership with the CSU Office of the President to evaluate the effect of high-impact practices on student success in general education (GE) and raise awareness of the CSU’s interest in promoting GE innovation and improvement. 

The RP Group engaged in a two-fold partnership with the CSU Office of the President’s Give Students a Compass Project—an initiative designed to strengthen the relevance, integration, and real-life application of the [GE] transfer curriculum in California by infusing it with high-impact educational practices (e.g., service-learning, learning communities, first-year experiences).

  • Evaluation: The RP Group performed quantitative analysis of the impact of GE courses incorporating high-impact practices at the community college level on student performance (e.g., course success, term-to-term retention rates).


  • Technical assistance: The RP Group provided guidance on the development of a final report that summarizes project results and provides examples of innovative GE practices to ensure the report’s relevancy and utility to educators. In addition, we supported overall dissemination of this resource.


Read Innovations in General Education: Giving Students a Compass to learn more about this movement to strengthen GE across California’s higher education systems and how to incorporate innovative approaches at the course, program and institutional levels.


For more information, contact Dr. Darla Cooper, Project Director,