Effective Use of Labor Market Information (LMI)


Research brief that identifies the skills and competencies needed to effectively use LMI resources and assist practitioners in gathering local LMI.

Effective use of labor market information (LMI) should matter to everybody in the community college setting. It enables colleges to offer programs that reflect what employers need, prepares students for related opportunities and strengthens the role their institutions play in contributing to local economic development.

To support the capacity of colleges to conduct this research, the California State Chancellor’s Office Vocational Education Research and Technical Advisory Committee (VERATAC) asked the RP Group to investigate and document skills and competencies practitioners need to effectively gather and utilize LMI. The study, which included interviews with 17 experienced users of LMI, resulted in the development of a framework and an inquiry process to guide practitioners engaged in this work.

Learn about four key perspectives practitioners should take when gathering and examining LMI.

Research Brief


For more information on the Effective Use of LMI project, contact Eva Schiorring, Senior Researcher, RP Group, eschiorring@rpgroup.org.


For additional information on how to gather and use LMI, contact the Centers of Excellence at http://www.coeccc.net/contact.asp. 


For more resources on accessing LMI for program planning and advancement—including examples of practices from community colleges across the country—explore the Aspen Institute’s A Guide for Using Labor Market Data to Improve Student Success.