CTE Employment Outcomes Survey


A statewide study to assess employment outcomes for students who have participated in career technical education (CTE) coursework. 

2013-2014 Survey Underway

Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) is now leading statewide administration of the CTE Employment Outcomes Survey and is currently compiling data for the 2013-2014 iteration. The statewide report will continue to highlight trends and overall outcomes (without referencing individual college or district results). Colleges conducting the survey on their own are encouraged to share their research results with SRJC so that this data can be included in the statewide analysis.

For further information regarding the CTE Employment Outcomes Survey and/or to sign up to participate in the survey, visit the Santa Rosa Junior College website.


Survey Background

In an effort to provide information on employment outcomes for students who have participated in career technical education (CTE) programs at California community colleges—including whether students became employed within their field of study, if their community college coursework positively affected their earning potential, and why students dropped out of CTE programs—the RP Group partnered with the Bay Area Community College Consortium and practitioners from around the state to develop a universally available survey methodology. This survey is based on completer and leaver surveys that have been conducted at several colleges and was tested through a pilot study in 2011-12 with twelve colleges, two districts, and one program of study (Medical Assisting) at seven different institutions in the Bay Region.

A draft of survey questions was made available after the completion of the pilot phase of the project. The Methodology was created in collaboration with the RP Group and a team of practitioners.


2012-2013 Survey Findings

Skills-building students from 35 participating California Community Colleges were surveyed if they met one of the following criteria in 2010-2011 and did not enroll in 2011-2012: earned a certificate of 6 or more units, earned a vocational degree, or earned 9+ CTE units. The survey was administered in early 2013 first by email, then by US mail, then by telephone. The sample consisted of 47,436 unduplicated students, 3,658 of whom responded by email (8%), 3,132 by US mail (7%) and 4,805 by telephone (10%) for a total response rate of 24%.

The results of the survey showed that completing CTE studies and training – whether or not a credential is earned, whether or not a student transfers – is related to positive employment outcomes. The preponderance of respondents are employed, are working in the same field as their studies or training, and are working full time. Respondents overall posted a 28% increase in their hourly wage after completing their studies at California Community Colleges and the vast majority were satisfied with the education and training they received. Click on the 2012-2013 Survey Results link to see reports for skills-building students.


For More Information....

Contact KC Greaney at kgreaney@santarosa.edu with any questions about the survey.