Leading from the Middle Academy


Professional development for community college “middle” leaders working to strengthen their students’ success and the effectiveness of their institution

Applications Open for Leading from the Middle Academy 2017

Deadline extended to December 1, 2016


We are pleased to announce that due to a generous award from the CCCCO Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), Leading from the Middle (LFM) Academy 2017 will now cost $1,000 per person (reduced from $2,700).


The LFM Academy 2017 will focus on promoting organizational coherence within each college through the integration and coordination of college programs including equity, student success, basic skills, and professional development.

California community colleges need strong, innovative “middle” leaders—faculty, department chairs, directors, deans, student services professionals, researchers, classified staff—who can effectively respond to the myriad of reforms facing our institutions, facilitate communication, and move stakeholders to action. The RP Group is working to develop this group of critical change makers through our Leading from the Middle (LFM) Academy.

LFM Academy Curriculum and Pedagogy

Offered annually by the RP Group, this interactive, sustained professional development opportunity:

  • Uses a problem-based learning model
  • Engages college teams comprised of faculty, administrators, and researchers in implementation of a component of the Student Success Act
  • Includes face-to-face sessions, coaching, and webinars designed to both support the development of individual participants and assist college teams in project delivery
  • Addresses eight major topics:
    • Making the Case/Using Evidence
    • Understanding and Analyzing Institutional Cultures for Successful Leadership 
    • Building Teams and Coalitions
    • Engaging Resistance
    • Using Design Tools (concept mapping, prototyping, case studies and logic models)
    • Failing Successfully
    • Taking Risks 
    • Communicating Successfully

LFM Academy 2017 Dates

The LFM Academy 2017 face-to-face sessions will be held at the Kellogg West Conference Center and Hotel in Pomona, CA on the following dates: 

  • Thursday, February 23 through Saturday, February 25
  • Thursday, June 8 through Saturday, June 10
  • Thursday, October 26 through Saturday, October 28

The LFM Academy 2017 will focus on:

  • Training leaders in (1) the methods of inquiry and the use of data to inform improvements, and (2) the application of planning and design strategies to promote the coordination of all the systemwide initiatives including equity; student success; basic skills reform; professional development; other reform efforts.
  • Developing leadership capacity for the implementation of specific approaches for advancing student success and completion through the integration and coordination of the delivery of education in the classroom and education services throughout the institution.

History of LFM

LFM began in January 2013 with 47 faculty leaders, classified staff, chairs, deans, and directors from 13 colleges interested in activating improvements at the local level. We have continued new academies in 2014, 2015, and 2016 with 50-70 community college practitioners each year, including deans, directors, department chairs, faculty coordinators, classified staff and teaching faculty. Our fifth academy will take place in 2017.

To Apply…

  • Send an email send an email to gabriner@sfsu.edu indicating your intent to apply
  • Click here to fill out an application.
  • Teams should include a minimum of three participants per team, including a faculty member, an administrator, and a researcher.
  • Application deadline extended to: December 1, 2016

Cost Per Person 

  • $1,000 (reduced from $2,700 due to a generous award from the CCCCO Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)), which includes food and lodging at the three face-to-face convenings.

For More Information…

To learn more about this initiative or how to participate in the LFM Academy 2017, contact LFM co-directors Robert Gabriner (gabriner@sfsu.edu) or Laura Hope (laura.hope@chaffey.edu).

LFM Evaluation

Review results from annual internal evaluation of the academy experience.

LFM 2015 Evaluation Report

LFM 2015 Evaluation Report – Executive Summary

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